Saturday, April 08, 2006


This is seriously cool: TuneBuckle. It's a belt with a buckle just big enough to fit the iPod nano. Who would have thought of using a belt buckle as a convenient place for the nano? The headphone jack plugs into the side of the buckle. Brilliant! Go to the webpage to take a look.

On another side note, BootCamp from Apple allows intel-based iMac and MacBook to boot Windows XP. Check out the cool disk partition software and the "alt boot" screenshot. Nice...

Press alt key when the Mac boots up to choose which OS to boot.

The disk partition software that came with BootCamp


ZipD said...

Goes to show that Apple can design a better Windows logo than M$ :)

anti-ringgit said...

I don't think you can wear that buckle if you have BIG Tummy!

You are just squeezing your nano with your flesh and maybe shorten the lifespan of the nano!

I object to this creation! Pooi.

ringgit said...

AR, I am glad you didn't like this buckle too because then this "creation" will LOOK much more ATTRACTIVE than your face.

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