Friday, September 10, 2004


Women are spiteful. We were having this poll in the office on whether a pregnant colleague should be taken off shift. A lady colleague voted not to allow pregnant colleague to be off shift. But this particular lady colleague is resigning this month. If she's going to resign, what does she care if the pregnant colleague should go on shift or not? Why vote disagree? Why not vote agree? I mean, even though both are not "fren fren" you could still vote agree because you are leaving the company anyway!

Women are so spiteful.

And this lady who's resigning are marrying an ang moh in USA.

Not that marrying ang moh is not good - it's just that how come people like that are so lucky? What of the old saying on bad people having bad consequence???

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mystic_grey said...

hmmm. Well that's the reality. Bad people always get what they want. If i can say almost the best in this earthly world. But maybe not in the afterworld. Is this the same lady who went to sg and fell inlove with the instructor? :P

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