Positive Angle

I am going to create a new tag. This tag will be called Positive Angle. The intention is to always find a positive aspect of a dire and negative circumstances that you are in. The glass is always half empty right?

This morning, Jane started crying again for no reasons and was very demanding. Her OCD was out in full force. Her stockings were not aligned and she was upset. So we reflected how come she was ok for the past 3 weeks but her tantrums returned. We think the reason was that Anne was quite moody in the past two days due to exhaustion. I have observed that Jane is very sensitive to how her mother feels and she reacted accordingly. The reason she was fine last 3 weeks was that these were times when Anne just started working part time and have no stress at work. So her disposition was very positive. And we guess Jane picked up that positive vibes.

As we talked, we agreed that Jane's hypersensitivity ensured that we needed to have a positive mindset. We need to have a high life condition so she could accept and react positively. In other words, she encouraged us to chant a lot more, which is always good thing to do. We are taking a positive spin out of a negative condition. A child who creates cause for her parents to chant more is a valuable and is child who is executing her life's mission. She is accumulating a lot of good causes that one day will have very positive effect in her life. That is her purpose in life, I guess.

Positive spin.. take a look at life with a different lens.


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