Bad Traffic

Today I have a meeting in KL. I dreaded the jam and sure enough, there was an unusual traffic just right after the toll at the Mont Kiara end of NKVE. It's quite bad and I cursed at the traffic and the bad quality of life in Malaysia.

Then, I remembered my positive spin... how can I see a positive side to traffic jams? The reason we have such bad jams is because of the progress the country have made. We may cursed at the corruption of our political leaders but it is also them that put Malaysia in the world map and the progress that we have today - everyone have the ability and wealth to own a car.

If it is not because of progress, I would still be a clerk. Considering my background where my father is a auto spare parts supervisor. But today, my life is vastly different from how I grew up. In my other posts, I said that I grew up in KL but my baby sitter home did not have water pipe and we have to pump water out of a well. Well! That's ancient.. and it was just maybe 35 years ago! So we did make progress. Despite the flaws of our current leaders, Malaysia has prospered.

We should be thankful :)

After my meeting in the heart of KL, as I leave the city at 1pm, I also met with an unusual jam. This one is a standstill. After suffering for 30 minutes, I found out that it was due to a truck stalling right at the mouth of a tunnel in Jalan Tun Razak. Stupid truck! I wish the authorities actually checked the condition of truck instead of approving after taking bribes. If they had done their job, we wouldn't be stuck in a jam. What's the positive spin to this?

My positive take is that while we are all stuck, the traffic right after the stalled truck was smooth. Super smooth all the way to PJ. I bet you that someone who came out of KLCC would be surprised at how smooth the traffic was. And they would be wondering if it was a public holiday somewhere (don't we sometimes have this though?) And I bet you that someone who was rushing for a meeting appointment would be thankful for the smooth traffic and will be able to meet their customers on time.

You can't win all the time. At times, you lose and somebody else gains :D


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