Long Service Award

15 years with the company and ALL I got is a lousy Pewter mug! Crap!
It is so siah sui that I don't even want to dignify it by posting a photo of the mug.


  1. wow .... sudah 15 yrs ???? u mean u started work earlier than April 1, 1996 ? that's an achievement leh....long 15 yrs, ur ching chun :) , a pewter mug last forever ma, engraved from IBM, it's yours forever.

  2. Ringgit, then what do you expect? Diamond studded mug meh. These days the company message is 'You should be glad you got a job'! Then how are you going to react to it? U still need to drink from the pewter mug and at least it's not plastic! Duh!

  3. A damn pewter mug..?~ u should have left sooner..~:)


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