Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long Service Award

15 years with the company and ALL I got is a lousy Pewter mug! Crap!
It is so siah sui that I don't even want to dignify it by posting a photo of the mug.


  1. wow .... sudah 15 yrs ???? u mean u started work earlier than April 1, 1996 ? that's an achievement leh....long 15 yrs, ur ching chun :) , a pewter mug last forever ma, engraved from IBM, it's yours forever.

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  3. Ringgit, then what do you expect? Diamond studded mug meh. These days the company message is 'You should be glad you got a job'! Then how are you going to react to it? U still need to drink from the pewter mug and at least it's not plastic! Duh!

  4. A damn pewter mug..?~ u should have left sooner..~:)