Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home made CNY cookies

We have made cookies in our new-ish Teka oven before. It's pretty easy because we bought the premix stuff from supermarket, add egg and butter and then put them in oven.

This time, we decided to start from scratch.. using the good ol flour and baking powder and shortening and some arcane baking stuff.

Not bad!

Ingredients bought from Bake with Yen in Taman Megah, near Mien Tien

Use a Sharp mixer.. quite easy.. press button, the bowl will auto turn. Don't have to do anything.

This is the hard part... rolling individual balls and letting them collect the corn flakes. And it's oily. Yucks!

20 min at 170 degree C and it's done!

Recycle old containers and people would think that we bought this!

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