my iPhone 4 is here! wooo hoooo!

Sometimes, you gotta like maxis.

Sure, they have their faults.. but they have been improving. I have very good experience with them during our Fiber To The Home internet installation and process. And now, I have a good experience when getting the iPhone 4.

Some background - it's hard to get iPhone 4 in Malaysia. People have been visiting Maxis Centers and Roadshows only to be disappointed. The reasons are that there are limited number of units per day per Center. When they reached the limit, you have to come another day.

So one day, Maxis came to my company to do a roadshow. They gave us corporate rate and that if we order in the roadshow, they will even ship to us. We don't have to go line up and be disappointed. I placed my order and 2 weeks later, the phone came.

But on that day it came (today), I was not in the office! Instead, I was in a meeting in Sunway. The guy asked me if he could come tomorrow because he had a couple of deliveries to make. I asked if he could come to Sunway and he agreed! So, I got the phone hand delivered to me in a different location. Is that service or what?

Oh ya, the iPhone 4 rocks!


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