Friday, November 26, 2010


Just for the record, I am 68KG* - ie I lost 4KG of weight. At my peak, I was 72KG. This was the time when people are commenting that I am like a curry puff. Then it went down to 70KG and I feel this is the ideal weight for me. So essentially, I lost only 2KG. This should put down to rest all the misconception that I have lost a lot of weight and whether I am sick or not. The next time I hear someone saying I am think, I am going to give them facts! You hear that, NLK! Grr!

* verified by two different weighing scales


  1. hahaha, someone is so 'nagging' ..

  2. think positive ..she has concern of your health ..errr .. what's bothering you?


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