Oct 2010: RM810K!!

Unbelievable! My neighbour, in the road behind mine, sold her house for RM810K. Real sale!

A lot of people said that the real estate price is very high now. To the point of burning out and a crash will happen very soon. In the last 12 months, price have gone up like crazy! See the stats above. And yet, there are people demanding an buying property! This is a real sale and it proofs that the demand is real.

I'm going to be a millionaire soon! :)


  1. Do we actual stop and start thinking why did this happen? What is the driving force? Where does the demand come from? Why 1 million is not enuff, it has to be 10 million? When will people eventually realize that i will never be enuff? The continuous pushing up the market will not help in your lifestyle, just add up to more struggles to you and me. Even tommorow it sells at 8 billion, do you actually think the seller has a real gain? The real loss has actually impacted everyone.


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