Heart Wrenching

You know what is the most heart wrenching noise? A cry of a baby who fell and hurt herself badly! Poor little sen knocked her head on an edge and had a '5-storey condo' (read bruise) on her forehead. She cried and cried her lungs out and when we tried to put ice on her head, she just screamed.

We had to pacify her by giving her favourite California raisins and reruns of Barney shows. She would keep on nodding when asked if she's ok. How brave is that!

Ouch ouch ouch!


  1. poor baby. send my *hugs*

  2. Ringgit, I recalled when I was young, I had many many bungalows on my head. No pain no gain. Lesson learnt, for her not you! Next time she will know what is 'hurtful'! Just part of growing up!


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