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Sad Clown

Saw this image in Flickr and that's how I feel at this moment. Just finished communicating the increment in salary to the team. We have a better pay out this year compare to last year (2009 was totally pathetic - due to the financial meltdown and crisis).

Everyone is smiling.

I am also smiling like this boy. Outwardly. As a manager.

But I am not happy.

Because, unlike everyone else, I am getting ZERO increment.



  1. sorry to hear that... :(

  2. Ringgit, I believe all increments are based on performance. So if you are not getting one, how come your staffs are getting it? Does that mean they are working and you are not? Anyway, money is so critical to most of the people these days, and this is a driver to many people's passion to work it seems. If you lose the passion, you basically are not contributing!

  3. well, you may not get the increment in monetary term, you may get other blessings in many other ways yeah ....

  4. Bahija - you may be right.
    But I always remember one observation you have where you said that people who are married or have kids will have durian runtuh most of the time. I think that observation or theory didn't happen on me :(

  5. eh, pls chant more la :P ....
    mana tak ada durian runtuh ???

    1. u got a lovely sweet baby

    2. u hv a great family support to help u around, ur MIL used to go clean ur house leh :P

    3. ur maid thus far is giving good report card

    4. Ur house dah naik harga so much ..... ur EPF is growing higher

    5. Blessings not just come in 'money' aje , if all money, we will turn into a evil monster la - Money is a devil leh.... so better give u and family good health, happy, peaceful harmony lives

    6. I know ur other 's' appreciated. :P

    Cheer up !!

  6. Bahija - I feel ashamed for not seeing what you see. You are absolutely right. I should be thankful for those! Thanks for slapping me in the face!!!


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