Ringgit has a domestic helper...

... and what a relief it was. I used to be pretty reserved about having a live-in maid. There are many horror stories you hear about maids. Our maid have been with us for almost 2 months. So far, so good. Pretty happy with her performance. She has a lot of initiatives, not much training is needed and she doesn't need to be told what to do. When she has nothing to do, she will find something to keep her busy - she said that work help keep her mind off family. I guess maybe that is the reason she has the initiative.

She's also the cheerful type and we were able to communicate with her. So far, we haven't had any need to scold/get upset over her performance. I hope she keep it up.

But honestly, with her around, we get to spend more time with little sen and get to cook home cook food! YUM YUM!


  1. Listen ringgit, yes a maid helps you to clean the house etc etc. One reason mat salleh do not want maids is because if they leave the babies to them, the maid may destroyed the parenting style the families are adopting. So you need to watch what the maid said to the babies! Babies imitate what adults says and do! So you need to condition your maid too on what to say and do if you feel it's negative!

  2. Totally aware of what you are talking about. Which is the reason we don't let the maid handle the baby. We'll do it ourselves. She just need to do the house work.

  3. Ringgit , see , I already told you that your maid will be a good one :) ...heeeee. Our theory worked lor.

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