I owned many graphics card to power my 3D gaming. Most of the time, I bought Asus brand and I remember one time owning a MSI brand. 1.5 years ago, when I built a new PC with Core 2 Quad processor, I decided to buy a XFX branded nvidia 9800 GTX card. In less than 2 years, this card burnt! I just cannot believe it. I am not a power gamer. I don't have time for gaming. I game at most 1 hour a day.. there are many days in a week I don't get to power on my pc at all due to having a family life... and this card burnt out! How can that be! When I spoke to my friends ZipD and Dogbone, they said that they have bad experiences with XFX. This is it. What a poor quality control. No more XFX for me.

In order to get a stand-in temporary card, I went with Sapphire ATI. Half the price, same raw GPU power and less power consumption and heat. Superb card, this ATI 5750. I hope the Sapphire brand will last.


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