Thursday, March 04, 2010


Sometimes I entertained thoughts of changing jobs, looking for another role, maybe not even in IT, start anew. There are so many jobs out there! Why should I stay in one industry?

Then I look at our household expenses. It's mindboggling! We have a fixed overhead of about rm7K a month! This includes house loan, babysitting fee, cleaners, catering, allowances to my parents, and my credit card bill which covers life insurance, utilities, mobile phone and occassional indulgements.

So we worked our butt off for those stupid, standard expenses! What the hell!

No wonder I can't afford a Camry!


  1. yalor ...i totally agree with u, aiiii :(

  2. welcome to the real world...this is what motivates me to go to work every morning, make money to pay my bills.