Merry Christmas!

My early Christmas/New Year gift from a friend is...........

(( drum roll....................... ))

Woooo hooooooo!

My friend helped me to get this by pulling string with another friend who works in Microsoft who is able to get this at an employee store at employee price. I am not sure how close they were but it was still a big favour. I understand that asking favour is not an easy and nice thing to do, so I really appreciate this and is indebted to my friend.

The Windows 7 packaging is cheap. It consist of a plastic box (and it's the cheap plastic type, not the hard clear case that Windows Vista came with). This cheap plastic box is covered by a paper box that you see above. If it weren't for the hologram disc, I could have mistaken this to a made-in-China-bootleg copy.

I can't wait to go home and upgrade my PC! YAY YAY YAY!

The manual and the two installation disc - one is for 32-bit, the other is for 64-bit.

A pictorial view of the cheap plastic. Note the "Microsoft Company Store Purchase" sticker.



  1. waa very nice of your friend.
    Yeah asking for favours isn't easy these days....

  2. HeHeHe....luckily I have some true friends who happily help me or offer me help ....think this way, today I ask favor , tomorrow the other friend may ask favor from me, sometimes we can't be so calculative lor .... just help if possible.


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