In the past couple of weeks, I had a couple of gatherings with friends and their immediate families. Bahija and I talked about this earlier this year, after one gathering during CNY, but I felt it more this time around. Somehow, I felt that these big gatherings (big is defined as more than 3 couples i.e. 6 people and kids) is kinda pointless - the crowd is too big to have proper and intimate conversations. And with the kids running about and seeking the parents attention, including my own baby, I wished that the dinner would end faster so that I could run back home to my quiet cave. The dinner felt more like a 'work' than an enjoyment. The environment was not relaxing at all!

So perhaps we can ditch the families when friends need to gather. That's the way I see it. Let the wife and baby stay at home (in fact, I am sure they would appreciate it too) and let us friends just hang out in a cafe or some nicer eateries so we can chit chat and catch up. That's the whole point of these year end gatherings, right?

As we grow in life, we are already losing touch with our friends as we are caught up at work and at home. We should be paying 100% attention to these friends during these rare outings. Otherwise, the whole point of the gatherings will become moot.



  1. try doint the gathering in a house..a big hose..where all th kids can play safely in their own lil corner while the adults chit chat.

    we do that more n more as most of my frens beranak more.

    ok for me la..cos i dun hv i jus watched them stress over their kids..
    but it's definitely more manageable in a hse..and brg

  2. Totally AGREE. Doing the normal gathering, pointless and empty. Felt extremely weird, hardly re-connected again lor....
    Likewise, I like the idea of cooking at your house , using your brand new oven, kitchen some close friends. I'll do that one fine day....


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