Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fei Kei Chai

That's the term my mother in law used for those pesky mosquitoes. It
literally means little air planes. An endearing term for something so

One of the things that a new father has to master is to 'shoot' down
these fei kei chai. Kinda makes you feel like you are in the Air Force
except that you don't pilot another plane and dog fight them to death.
Instead I have to use a electric swatter, something like a badminton
raquet, to do the job. So,the feeling is like being King Kong instead.
Ha ha.

Have to have keen eye sight, fast reflex, accuracy and merciless.
These are the skills requirement for being a new father.

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  1. can blog via ipod touch alsogah??
    I haven't tried wor... need special apps?