yes to iPhone for me!

Like our Malaysia PM, my adventure with iPhone and maxis is a flip flop adventure. Yesterday I received a call from maxis to say that they now allow people in Corporate Plan to buy iPhone. And all I need to do is sign an addedum to the agreement. No penalty for me. The only caveat? I can't get it in KLCC during the launch time which starts tomorrow and ends Sunday. I can only get it on the 26th and from an assigned 3rd party vendor. I do hope that the vendor is based in PJ.. preferably the one in One Utama.

The best thing is.. I still get to call my co-workers for free! (here's hoping there's no flip flopping on this one)


  1. Hey, market news - lots of people said Digi will have a very competitive deals on iphone soon..... perhaps u want to wait a little longer, dah la 2 ,3 yrs liow... then again, now u r getting free calls hor ..hee

  2. wa lau.. no wonder today I saw cars parked along the side of the road near my office. i was wondering whether it was the jewelery exhibition, but i guess I was wrong.


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