no iPhone for me!

I am disappointed.. I am not getting the iPhone, not because I don't want to but because maxis refused to let me to.

This morning, ZipD told me that he received sms and email confirmation for the iPhone. I wondered about mine. We submitted at about the same time.. ok maybe 20 minutes later for me.. but I didn't hear anything.

I called 123 to find out why and was told that I am currently on a corporate plan. I remember this plan. I signed up because it gives a free phone (for my mother).. and the best thing about this plan is that I can call all my coworkers for free! And what's more, Anne could call her sister (who works in the same company as I do) for free. She used my phone a lot for that.

So I am already on this plan for 20 months. It expires in June. According to the iPhone FAQ, when you are signed up to a plan and you have met min 20 months criteria, you can change to the iPhone plan. I reminded the Customer Care lady about this clause and she said "ya hor.. you are right". She put me on hold to consult someone and then told me that I could go to a maxis Center to change my plan to individual plan and then call 123 and sign up for iPhone.

So after work, I braved the after-office traffic and drove round the block for a parking to finally reach the nearest maxis Center. I consulted the guy at the front door on my issues and he gave me a number. I waited for my turn and the Customer Care consultant checked my info and said "sorry Sir.. you need to go upstairs since you are a corporate customer" - I wonder if the guy at the front door knew about this!

Nvm, get another number, went upstairs and waited for my turn. Talked to this Customer Care (do they really care for us, I wonder) consultant who then told me that I cannot change to individual plan unless I pay a rm120 penalty! What the ****?

I drove all the way here in order for you to tell me the same thing that your 123 guy said? So what was the reason that 123 guy asked me to come to maxis Center?

Why can't you waive this bloody rm120? After all, I am signing up for another 2 year contract for the iPhone .. and it's a more expensive contract and I lose the benefit of calling my co-workers for free, therefore, translating into more $ to maxis! In fact, with the iPhone's iValue plan, I can't call my supplementary line for free too! So, are you saying I have to pay rm120 penalty in order to give you more business? She can't answer .. or she couldn't be bothered - not her business.


So I called 123 and lodge a formal complaint - the consultant said she has to refer to her supervisor and will call me back. It's an hour already. No return calls. Like I said, do they even care?

So, I'll wait.

I have waited 2 years for the iphone.. what more another 4 months. In fact, maybe I should wait till they do promotion to corporate customers.. and I get to call coworkers for free and get an iPhone. In fact, today I read that there could be a launch of new iPhones by Apple in June.

Yeah.. but I can't help feeling disappointed!


  1. Indeed - good question that u posted to the customer support folk, by allowing you to sign up for the iphone deal, your are giving more money to Maxis.... see la, if every employer hire this kind of 'tidak apa' attitude employees, business rugi a lot... having said this, I myself is tempted to switch to Digi liow, bcoz Maxis is not taking good care of me liow, I started with I-kei under Celcom, then switched to Maxis ( u remembered I bought an exp phone RM2500 back in 1997 or 1998 after I was so geram at work in LHDN...since then I'm Maxis customer until now....when I switched from corporate line to personal line last year, I had similar issues, they made me went to their braches 'unnecessarily', then they forgot to activate my roaming. When I was in HK last October, I realized my phone not roaming in HK, and I was suppose to support my customer 24x7 leh. That was a big mess up for me, I SHOUTED and WAS extremely RUDE at them from my HK hotel. (sinful but I can't tahan liow).... then last year Aug - I tried their broadband, tested 4 days, super slow , thus returned. Maxis said within 3 mths , I'll get back my $100 deposit. So far, I've called them 3 times, guess what, now is 2009 March , I still haven't receive my deposit..Maxis, Maxis, Maxis , even though we are faithfully being a loyal customer, what do we get at the end ????

    Agree with you, wait bit longer, entah Digi or other telco can provide better deal for u :) , meanwhile u play with your 'human toy' first - baby girl. haaaa

  2. cheap things always come with a price dear! If everything also sit dai pei lei, no need to run any shop loh!

  3. Ya Bahija.. I also don't know why maxis customer support has deteriorated. It used to be a good company. I guess when you grow too big... sigh................ But I want iPhone!!!


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