Last week, I invited a group of friends over to my house - some sort of a house warming. We met at my place and then went to Italiannies in The Curve for dinner. The topics that we discussed turned out to be Malaysia - our politics, policies, security and economy.

What surprised me was that most of my friends has this very negative feeling abt the country. I mean, there are some things I don't like about MY but my friends took it to a new level. You can see anger and hatred seeping from their skin!

If I were to take a neutral stand and analyse the state we are in, I'd say that we are at a much better state than our fathers. In the last 30 years, MY has really improve. Standard of living is high but it has improved tremendously compare to what our fathers live through. At my age, my father stays in a 400sq ft flat. He drove a 3rd or 4th hand Toyota. He had 2 jobs just to feed the children.

30 years later, the situation has improved by leaps and bounds. People are working from home, living a different lifestyle and have more entertainment options than the older folks. And yet, we complained and complained.

My friends who felt so strongly against the government drove a Volvo; one of them owned 4 condominiums; one drove a Altis and have repaid his corner lot house - and he also is in the process of buying one condo for investment; the other friend stays in Kota Damansara and thinking of moving to a double storey house in Bukit Jelutong.

So tell me guys, if MY sucks so much as you claimed, how come you are enjoying all these luxuries that our forefathers never had? They worked as hard :)


  1. To some, freedom of speech, self-expression and transparency is more important than material gains. Life is not all above how many luxury cars and houses one owns. It is about having the freedom to be who you are.

  2. I can understand if my friends are bitching abt freedom of speech and self expression. Unfortunately they are not. They are bitching about inequality, the Malay rights, the stupidity of the government in running the country.

  3. I see. Thanks for elaborating on this. I guess they are comparing themselves with their Malay counterparts whom they think have a much easier time making money and have more opportunities to make money. I guess they did not think of comparing their good situation now to those previous generations that are poorer.

  4. well.. people are like that.. when they have more, they want more.
    Actually they are doing pretty well.. so if you have money, you would actually do well anywhere.
    Imagine people like me.. don't even own a house.. everyday is a struggle... when i grow old i probably have to end up in an old folks home.. or the streets.. *snif*snif*

  5. no comment .. nanti masuk "kah ku"!

  6. kiasu ching...
    you now not only kiasu.. but kiasi ah...

  7. yeah i kiasi i got many things to say here but dun dare to say ..after kena tangkap! how?!

  8. I wanted to further elaborate on my post. You know, many houses, even though of not-so-well-to-do families has Astro! Isn't this yet another improvements that our forefathers never had? Astro! OMG! Last time I had just 2 TV Channel.. RTM1 and RTM2.

    What abt a car? Yes, it is still a Kancil or Wira or Myvi.. but it is still a nice car. My father drives an old 3rd or 4th hand Toyota when he was 30.


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