When I travelled to Dallas, I used American Airlines. I liked AA because it was a direct flight from Tokyo and it reached Dallas on a Saturday morning. If I slept in the plane, that meant I would be able to adjust to the timezone very quickly. The stewardress left you alone, which suited me fine, and they were genuinely friendly (or unfriendly) - there's no fake stuff you see in an Asian airline.

Anyway, I collected a fair amount of mileage but never had a chance to redeem them. American's mileage had a 3 year expiry so I wasn't worried.

Lately, they changed their policy. Unused miles will expire in 18 months! That's a bummer. What am I supposed to do with my 40k points that I have? I can't change to any domestic flight nor hotels because I am not in USA.

I started exploring my options and to my delight I found that I could convert my points into amazon.com gift certificate. 40k points entitled me to US$185 gift cert! WOW! That's almost RM650 worth of stuff I could buy! Thank you AA!

Now, what should I buy? HMMM!


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