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Ok.. I have not been posting for a month! When I logged in to Blogger today, I was pleasantly surprised with the instructions to migrate my blog to the new Blogger. I was hesitant coz I remember that rotitelur lost her blogs when she migrated. Fortunately, mine was pretty smooth.. so, drum rolllll, presenting the new 0.02 Ringgit :)


  1. BOO HOOO HOOOOOO.. Somehow after the migration and creation of a new Google Account, I have LOST access to my blog. I cannot login to the Google account anymore! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

    0.02 Ringgit is HISTORY!

  2. No lah.. please email them lah. I think they can recover kot. Apa dei!!!!

  3. Hi, i FINALLY got my blog back , back to good old time, and as a reward, i dah published a few posts , hoooooooo , back on biz
    hope u get urs settled soon ....cioa


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