Bathing in cold water

Anne has this theory: the Malays do not exhibit the "heat" syndrome such as sore throat, pimples, feverish, etc as often as a Chinese despite eating more chilis because the Malays took cold bath every morning. When I think about my Malay friends during school and those in office, it is true, they do take cold bath when they were young in the morning. Chinese are too spoilt, we either take warm bath or don't take bath at all. Which is why pimples and sore throat are very prevalent among the Chinese in Malaysia.

This morning I had a revelation. I don't think it is the cold bath that is the trick. I think it is because the Malays use cold water to wash their anus after doing "big business" everyday. You know, if a baby had high fever, the doctor would poke something up his ass and the fever would subside very fast! Similarly, washing your anus with cold water will reduce the heat of the body.. not bathing in cold water! I am sure bathing would help but I am now convinced that the real reason is really up your ass. It's the ass that's causing all those zits and pimples! :)

Why am I so convinced? You see, my father has the most smoothest complexion. At his age, I dare say he's almost like Anti-Ringgit in terms of complexion. And he never had sore throat. And he eats chili, sambal, curry laksa like nobody's business!! And yes, he still use water to wash his you-know-what.


Interesting theory eh? Almost as far fetched but as true as my other "drink water will gain weight" theory.

So if you have friends who's very yit hei and have lots of pimples, tell him to use water and not toilet paper!


  1. LOL...this is so FUNNY and informational. At this age, i dunno how to switch to use cold water to wash wash leh ...yeee. Whenever i oncall and kena woke up at 3, 4 am , the next day - sure sorethroat , so lain kali sebelum tidur - i better go do all the cold washes ....

  2. r u saying i m old ..babi!


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