Dogbone gave me a desk calendar every year. I have been using the calendar since 2000 (I think) and every year, during the last week of December when things are pretty quiet in the office, I would flip through my desk calendar and look at what had happened in the past 12 months

This year was an interesting year. I started the year in Dallas, and came back on the day before CNY. Spent CNY with the family (mine and Anne’s).

In February, I went for a all guys trip to Penang with the old school friends: Loochomus, Baliant, Whitedruid. In March, I made a LANparty trip to Cameron Highlands with Zipd, Dogbone, Droolman and Gayric.

In April, I started hunting for a house. I saw a gadzillion houses – some are pretty good, others were disappointing.

Attended Monica’s wedding in May. In the same month, I saw Grease, the musical in KLCC Convention Center.

June marked the month where I was promoted to a managerial position. In July, my company moved to a new building. I started to look and hire in July. It was a busy month and significant in a way – I always feel that by giving people a job, I am changing their lives and somehow helping these people and their families. Lots of stress and excitement in this new job.

My youngest sister graduated in August and went for her convocation in Bangi. I went with Anne’s family to Grik, a village north of Perak (very near Kelantan) to visit her maternal grandfather. It was an important and good bonding session and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. August is also the month where my house hunting activities intensified. I believe I went to see house almost every weekend!

I found and signed the S&P for my house in Bandar Utama in September after 5 gruesome months of house hunting. October was the time I started to think about my proposal to Anne. Proposed in November.

In a blink of an eye, I now find myself in December, keys to a new house in my hand, ever ready to face 2007 and hoping that it will be a fruitful and memorable one. I hope that I am able to create more values in the friends, families and society, perhaps making an effort to focus on treasures of the heart instead of treasures of the storehouse (money).

All the best to everyone in your New Year.


  1. Haha, i actually bought a calender as your christmas gift. But my heart is telling me to swap to the book :), good , u have a celender and a book. Anti-R and I have the same calenders ....Happy Fruitful 2007

  2. Busy and fruitful year. Hope 2007 will be a bigger and better year for you.


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