The Love Diamond

Have there ever been a time where you are absolutely thrilled with a purchase you made? A time where your choice was validated again and again that it was the right purchase and you were positively happy that you trusted your feelings and followed your heart? Well, it happened to me tonight.

I talked about buying a LD in this post. LD is actually The Love Diamond. Yes, I bought an engagement ring. I wanted to propose to Anne when I was writing the post and in fact, as of 19 Nov, I already have. However, that's another story for another day.

In this post I wanted to promote The Love Diamond. The boutique is called The Love Diamond and the diamonds they sell are named Love Diamond. This boutique is owned by The Carat Club, a prestigious diamond retailer in Malaysia. Ross, Monica and Phoebe went with me to hunt for an engagement ring. Our first stop were in Sunway Pyramid as we met there to try out the new Tony Roma's ribs. Sunway Pyramid has only 3 jewelry stores. Monica suggested that we go to MidValley to continue our search as MV has more store.

We went to Mid Valley, found Love Diamond and made the purchase. My decision was based on the sales-lady's excellent presentation and of course, the name "The Carat Club". She was convincing when she said that a Love Diamond is an ideal cut diamond - what this means is that each facet of the diamond is arranged with mathematical precision such that it formed a perfect 8 hearts and 8 arrows - this can be seen using a a special magnifying glass, which she demonstrated by showing it to us.

You can visualize the perfect 8 hearts by looking at the "O" in the Love Diamond logo. That's how it looks like on an actual diamond!

Each Love Diamond sold comes with a certificate which has actual picture of taken of the diamond, displaying the perfect symmetry of the 8 hearts and 8 arrows. Each Love Diamond is so unique such that I could bring it back years later to upgrade to another Love Diamond.

The setting was beautiful too. I chose their popular setting called Embrace. It has a heart shape and it's very petite - perfect for Anne's small hand.

I could also write a message in my own handwriting and they would laser-engraved that message into the ring. I thought this was totally cool - personalization.

So, I walked away from the shop, knowing that I have done the right thing.

Two weeks later, the sales lady called me. I went to MidValley to collect the ring and a few weeks later, I proposed. It fits her finger perfectly. I was very proud of myself to be able to guess correctly. Anne and I returned to the shop to have the ring engraved. I told the sales lady to pitch her talk to Anne which she gladly did. On top of that, they gave us the "magnifying glass" for free so that we could see the symmetrical 8 hearts and arrows anytime we wanted. This is what I called after sales service.

On top of that, I even received quarterly magazine from The Carat Club. I know these are spam stuff, trying to make you buy more jewels - the fact that it makes one feel good that the purchase one did was from a reputable company. I don't think Poh Kong nor Diamonds and Platinum give you such good service.

ZipD told me that his company, one of the top law firms in Malaysia, was tasked of filing the trademark "The Love Diamond" for The Carat Club. This demonstrate a kind of class - not many people would employ top law firms to do intellectual property filing (I think).

So if you ever want to buy a diamond.. get a Love Diamond!

Update: This seems to be a really popular post. Searching in it Google it turns up as the 9th match, which is kinda cool. Because of that, I am uploading a picture of the Love Diamond taken during the bridal photo shooting.


  1. yeap. when we first walked in - felt that it's an expensive place... then after we asked for price ranges, started to sit down, viola - we got 'hooked' - hehehe

  2. Marie, the sales lady, sent Anne and me a Christmas card. How thoughtful of her. This is after sales service, eh?

  3. what to do ..people don't like to shop at ah beng shop! racist! and did u propose while she was at the toilet ah?

  4. How many percent off u guys get off the tag price? or how much discount they normally give you from The love diamond??

  5. Frankly, I can't remember how much discount she gave me.

    Just two days ago, Marie called me to ask us if we want to come to the shop and be featured in the Glitteratti magazine! Fulamak! We, of course, declined :P

  6. Interested to buy from them but worried that paying too much - hopefully can get idea from the previous buyer how much discount should i ask for off the tag price.

  7. I bought one there too. At first the salesman said the best discount he could give is 8%. But after a little bit of talking, I got almost 10%. And for a purchase of more than 8000 ringgit, they will give you a jewelry box, and a white glod bracelet with a point one carat diamond in it, while stock last.

  8. 10%! You are better than the salesman! Ha ha.. I think I didn't really bargain. Since the deco and set up of the shop was so nice, I thought that bargaining is out of question here. Maybe I was suckered. LOL.

  9. Hehe, didn't mean to make you feel bad, man. Thought it could help the others a bit. But anyway, LD is a very nice shop, you got a satisfying ring and very good experience there, and I believe your girl is verh happy. That's most important.

  10. halo ringgit (how unusual..hehe)

    anyhow, just wanna ask u how much is the price range for diamond rings sold at Love Diamond? from the interior, it looks like a really expensive place...

  11. Hi.. Love Diamonds are special diamonds. They are the only shop I know which will buy back diamonds you bought if you want to upgrade to a bigger stone.

    The range starts from RM3K and above.

  12. Eh, this store sudah tutup, cannot find in MV liow...last heard has to go Pavillion, and I bet the price must have gone up A LOT....

  13. this post make me want.. a LD... T_T

  14. The Love Diamond is a classy statement. Ask your boyfriend for one, Tammy Miu!


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