Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mental Friends

This afternoon, Monica, Anti Ringgit and I met for lunch. I learned about the term “mental friends” from AR. He claimed that we have been demoted to be a “mental friend”, someone whom he only thinks about. Can you imagine that? Celaka.

So, the priority, according to AR is:

Mental friend -> Acquaintance -> Friend -> Friend Friend -> Lover



  1. No wonder when i pinged u - u were not in the mood to chat la - rupa2 nya u and monica demoted to 'mental friend' ....i hv got to seek my status from him too , what u think ??? hmmm, i figure if i could intro 'lover' to AR - then I shld stand a chance to be 'friend friend' kuah :P

  2. Eh mental friend is very 'chim' ok! It's like we dont have to meet, we communicate through minds like wireless phone ok!

    Should be grateful tau.