Australian Post

Chat with Anti Ringgit who is now in AU..

Anti R (2:05 PM) then many other cerita lah
Anti R (2:05 PM) my ATM oz bank tak send lagi
Anti R (2:05 PM) hilang in post
Anti R (2:05 PM) now no money to pay bills
Anti R (2:05 PM) unless i go back and withdraw at oz bank counter
Ringgit (2:05 PM) Aiyo.. how come hilang in post? I tot only happen in POS Malaysia
Ringgit (2:05 PM) AU Post also same???
Anti R (2:06 PM) i dunno what happened
Anti R (2:06 PM) so when they dun give me ATM ..i cannot withdraw out there
Anti R (2:06 PM) i m relying on my own past income
Ringgit (2:06 PM) Can I post this part of our conversation abt AU Post in my blog?
Anti R (2:06 PM) drying soon
Anti R (2:06 PM) i dunno who's fault
Ringgit (2:06 PM) So AU is not exactly very efficient
Ringgit (2:06 PM) :D
Anti R (2:07 PM) a bit slow i hv to say
Anti R (2:07 PM) open an account need to set appointment
Anti R (2:07 PM) can u imagine
Anti R (2:07 PM) it's not like u walk and can open
Anti R (2:07 PM) that's why no time to meet anyone
Anti R (2:07 PM) hv to arrange all these itsy bitsy stuffs


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