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Dead Pixel

So yesterday my new Dell monitor arrived... and guess what? One dead pixel, this time, at the lower right. This dead pixel is pink, instead of blue. It could only be seen on a white background. The previous Dell monitor's dead pixel, which was in the middle of the screen, was blue in colour and could only be seen in a black background.

I am not entirely satisfied with this LCD, but I am also too tired to return it. I can't imagine myself going back to CRT after a wonderful experience with widescreen LCD. I am guessing that dead pixel would appear anyway (dead pixels are caused by failure of individual transistors) in the future.. so returning it may not help. Who knows, maybe if I returned it and buy my third monitor, I may get another lemon with 3 dead pixels or worse!

Anne thinks I should not return it. She said that I may get another lemon like I did with this second monitor. She claimed that there is "no absence of beauty, just lack of discovery". She said I will discover the beauty in this monitor.

Bahija thinks I should return it.

My father said that if I am serious about buying the widescreen, I should not return and instead keep this one. After all, it's just a speck of dust.

What would you do, if you are in my situation?

P.S. I could return it within 15 days of purchase. I will be refunded fully. I just need to pay the rm80 shipping charge. I have already paid rm80 to return my first monitor.


  1. I guess this is up to individual tollerant level. If you are so disturbed by ONE dead pixel, pls change it coz we do not want to be DISTURBED by you.

    I believe everything we use or buy has a defect! Does that mean you need to change all of them? No! Its just how unfortunate this defect you can see it with your bare eye!

    If one single dead pixel also you cannot forgive .. how are you going to run your life with this world with so many defects? Weigh the importance PLEASE!

  2. hmmm.. i used to be fussy. Every single thing I bought i used to check and double check and abit of defect upsets me. But as I grow old gracefully, I begin to accept things are not perfect. If I were you, I would keep it. Instead of spending the RM80 to return. what if you bought another one and that one has more dead pixel... Lagi teruk kan? :)

    Mystic_grey...(lazy to logon) hehehe

  3. I think you should return it. It can be an epedemic thing where you will get more in 2-3 months to come. I have using a Philips 15 inches LCD for 3 years and there is no dead pixel so far. I moved it from Singapore to HKG back to Singapore. Within Singapore I moved twice, it is still working perfectly. Because this LCD monitor is so faithful to me, I cannot bring myself to replace it with a 19 inches.

    I was thinking to get Dell 19 inches also because the price is just so good. Now I have to think about it again.

  4. I appreciate your comment and would like to add a few thoughts. It's probably self justification but anyway:

    1. The 20" wide screen is made of one big film. As it has a bigger size, the possibilities of higher errors are there - so one cannot compare a 15" to a 20". Also, according to my colleague, John (not his real name) who worked in Siemens before, a manufacturer could easily cut the "defective" 15" defective film and use them for other devices eg a camera, phone, etc. But for a 20", it may be too costly.. something like that.

    2. I have been doing some research on different company policy on dead pixel. Apple has a 7 or 8 dead pixel policy. Lenovo (IBM) has a 16 dead pixel on their newest widescreen ThinkPad! Can you imagine spending rm10K on a ThinkPad but get 1 dead pixel. You would have to wait till 16 dead pixels before it is considered a defect.

    So it looks like I am skewed towards keeping this widescreen.

    Fortunately I have 2 weeks to think about it.

  5. You are right that the bigger the LCD, the higher chance of defect. I am in the spare part business, I should know that!!!

    The interest rate for housing loan is high now, I have to save money to pay down my principal. Therefore no TV or bigger LCD monitor for me this year.


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