I have known CK since he joined our class in Form 2 Ferrum. He was 34 year old this year. Yesterday evening, he passed away due to heart failure. It was very sudden. All of us were shocked to our bones. He worked very hard - perhaps too hard - it was his work which caused his departure. He was survived by a young wife and a 6 month old son. His son does not know the father. I am saddened beyond words but I just want to say that CK was an honest man with lots of principles. All his life, he was one of the first to extend a helping hand to friends, family and colleagues even though it meant going out of his way to do something. Very dependable guy, very hardworking, very thoughtful and considerate. Sometimes, it is hard to accept that someone like him would go - just like that.

The wake is tomorrow. I'll write more later.


  1. I am shocked, someone at our age passed away and left behind a young wife and 6 month old son. I am speechless.


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