Look alike

It's scary how some acquaintance or shopkeepers often mistaken you for someone else because they find that you and the other person look alike. For the past few days, I have had 3 people mistaken me for, OF ALL PEOPLE, Anti-Ringgit! I mean, if they mistaken me for Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, I can still sleep but to think that anti-ringgit and I are somewhat related is giving me nightmares. Of all people! Come onnnn! I feel so embarrass!

Just today, I went to Optic Cinta, an optometry shop, and the owner stared at me and said "wow.. you have a belly already. Did you start drinking beer?". I answered, "No wor, I am always, um, big size." He was puzzled. Then it dawned onto him. He said "Ohh.. I thought you were the other guy.. he's your brother ah?" I knew who he's talking about and quickly replied, "He's so yong sui.. how do we even look alike?". We both laughed out loud.

Last week, in the lift, this guy from Accounts Receivables asked if I still travel like mad and I told him he has mistaken me for Anti Ringgit! He smacked his head and said oh ya.. you are right! I was thinking about AR.

I am like... DUHHHH! How can you mistaken Andy Lau with Anti Ringgit?

And lastly, the Uncle who owns a yee mee stall in Restauran Yong Leng asked if we were brothers! I told him I have more hair than him.

I don't know.. do I look like AR? Comment please!


  1. about the same height, same size, like to go places together, it is hard not to mistaken you la....

  2. Oh please! Spare me! Kill me!

    I am definitely much better that's why people remembers me!

    Don't you feel sad meh ;-P

  3. If you are better, as you put it, it must be killing you to know you have the same look as someone "worse"... LOL.. so can you sleep at night ah?

  4. Aiyuh ...apa la ni - cepat2 tukar image or cepat2 be more gemuk lah :P


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