We Are All Going To Die

The haze has worsen. My company is giving out 3M mask to everybody. Even someone as vain as I am is already wearing it. I kiasi...

To give you a perspective.. I went to buy lunch just now. I was standing at the Celcom shop. I almost cannot see the KFC sign/restaurant at the end of the block. That's two blocks away.. almost 300 meters. From Celcom, I could see that the building I worked at is shrouded completely in haze.

We are all going to die.

The mask does not really help. I could breathe in particles even with the mask. My eyes are stinging even though I have been staying indoors. It's not safe indoors because the damn smoke seeped through the doorway into the office.



  1. AR Let's go up to Penang or Bangkok next weekend! Mau? Singapore no haze, fresh air!

  2. eii kiasi guy..u know how to wear the repirator or not..i guess u juz wear only one string on ur head dats why la the particles go in..looks like u dun even read the instruction and juz wear that thing like ur kindergarten mask..sure la u die..

  3. I do know how to use the respirator. It is *that* bad. Are you from KL, Anonymous? Did you even go out or you are hiding in your cave?


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