Cough Cough

The haze is worsening. Visibility is almost 1km. Everybody is coughing or on medical leave. Heck, even in the office, a fully air conditioned environment, we can smell the dry, dirty, particles in the room.

I used to think that the haze in March 2005 was bad. Imagine, it was just 5 months ago!!

Today's haze is the worst of the lot. In March 2005, I could barely made out the IKEA signboard from LDP. This morning, I could not see the signboard! Not even the shape. From Penchala Link, I could not even see Anti Ringgit's row of houses! That's like maybe 1km away.

I don't remember hearing about haze when I was in secondary school. Now it's a twice yearly affair! How could life and situation worsen instead of improving?

God, please help us.


  1. KLCC also dissappeared, cannot see. It's really bad, I also beh tahan. My office evacuated all employees to leave office b4 5pm, to avoid dangerous drive on the road .......our neighbour is really really irresponsible, just a message saying 'they are lack of resources' full stop, and open burning still carry on ....geeeeeeeee


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