No. I am not going Brisbane. It's just that there is a project running in Brisbane. There is a call center there and as we are looking to set up a call center ourselves, management is wondering if we could tap on the call center in AU. Boss told me about this and after some discussion, we agreed that Brisbane is the better choice compare to setting up a CC locally. However, we would need to start training people in Brisbane to be able to create calls to be channelled back to the support specialist in KL and I jokingly said send me there. Then, there won't be any trainings needed. Boss said, are you sure you want to be there and earning probably 2k per month? (as it is an operator job only). She said I thought you wanted to be a tram driver in Melbourne? Ha ha.. we laughed about it.

Now that I am back to my desk, a horrible thought occur to me. She's right? Do I want a life where all I earn is 2k a mth? After taxes and rent, I'd probabaly don't have enough for movie or CDs. It will be 1996 all over again when I started work as a fresh grad - can't afford many of the things I am enjoying now. Can't go HK on a whim. Can't go Egypt on a whim. Can do anything!



  1. yuuhuuuu.. back to life back to reality. Whats what i told you long time ago!!! when you said you wanted to be a tram driver.

    actually you should take this opp to go also. a chance to go with a 2k pay job rather than ZELO.


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