Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guess Where I Am

Do you know this shopping complex?

Is it Kota Raya?



There are at least 7 lots that were empty. Many more empty lots opposite where I'm standing.

You'll never guess that it is the famous 1 Utama Old Wing! Right at the end is TGV. The shops that were closed are Old Town White Coffee, Hello Nokia store, some toy store, can't remember what else...

What's happening???
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Anti-Ringgit said...

ringgit u r so outdated. all it takes is go down to food court, speak to few people and u r updated. apparently jusco and other shops are not happy with the condition of the building maintained by see hoy chan. hence, the property owner decided to upgrade the mall, that's why some sections were closed in the past has re-opened. ok? now u know?

Bahija said...

hahaha.... anti-ringgit, that's why we need you to be around :P

Ringgit said...

AR, you always anti me.. and this time YOU ARE WRONG. I know one of the owners of a famous chains and he told me he closed his shop because his contract with See Hoy Chan (1U) ended and he decided not to renew because sales have been dwindling for the past few quarters.

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