Monday, March 16, 2009

254 days ago..

Sometimes conversation between Anne and I are funny:
"Have you eaten mah tai (a type of fruit) before?" she would asked one evening while peeling the skin off the fruit.

"Yes, I have"

"When was it?"

"Um, let's see.. 254 days ago.."


"So, did you go toilet this morning?" she would ask. I have constipation problems.


"How much?"

"Huge shit load!"


"Yeah.. if you don't believe, I will take a picture in the future as proof!"



Anti-Ringgit said...

err can you keep this sort of closed down conversation at home and not in the blog leh! muntah i!

Bahija said...

Ha Ha Ha ....AR jealous ker ? tak ada orang talk to him like that kut :P

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