Saturday, August 20, 2005

'Twas a beautiful evening

It was a beautiful Friday evening. As I drove to KL to pick up Anne, the sky turned dark due to an impending thunderstorm. And yet, the sun shone brightly. This contrasting dark sky with a bright sun made all the buildings in KL shone like a shinning star in the midst of a dark cloud. Look at the picture to the right. You can see how beautiful the city is.

Looking back to a week ago when we were all choking at the dust particles from the forest fire in Indonesia, this view is a welcome sight indeed. Makes one appreciate a clear and sunny sky.


mystic_grey said...

eh u upgraded ah? You got a camera phone ah... or do you just carry your camera whereever you go?

ringgit said...

I did not upgrade my handphone and I don't bring the camera with me all the time.

Today is my manager's birthday and we are celebrating her birthday in the office. I brought the camera to take some pictures.

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