Stephen King Hodder

Recently, I am obsessed to collect certain Stephen King's books. Specifically, I want to buy those from publisher Hodder. This is my current collection.

I bought the Dark Tower set box for a really cheap price of MYR180 from Shopee. This is truly a bargain, and if you are a King fan, you don't want to miss this deal. The shipping from China, via ship, is just a measly MYR1.50. 

What I am looking for is 'Salem Lot and The Shinning. Ah, if you know of any place to buy these two books, please help me with my collection.

I even put a review in Shopee:
When I was considering whether to buy these books, I'm concerned about the quality. I imagine it must be printed in China or, just like India, the version sold in-country is made up of really poor quality. I took a gamble and bought it. I see that the quality of the books are as good as those you can purchase from Popular or mph in Malaysia. From the covers of each book, I noted that they are printed in UK by Clays Pvt Ltd.  

Packaging by this seller is excellent. They bubble wrapped the whole thing through and through and put it into a brown box which is made up of  thick cardboard. They even reinforced it with extra cardboards. 

Unfortunately, my copy was dented at the side and it affected Book 7. Maybe is already dented before shipping. Maybe this is the reason why it is cheap. It's not the fault of the seller but i do see another reviewer who has dented book too, so my theory that this could be rejected products is right. The books are definitely new. It has the wonderful smell of new books. I am not fussy so I think I can accept it for such a low price almost RM 25 per book, and not needing to hunt for each one in Malaysia individually. 

Oh, another curious thing - Book 7 has very small font compare to the rest of the books. It must be a really thick one which the publisher have compressed. It's not going to be pleasant to read if you have old eyes. 


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