Alexa Wall Clock

I did some Home Improvement lately. One of the additions to my Alexa-enabled household is the Alexa Wall Clock, made by Amazon. There is also a Citizen branded Alexa powered wall clock at double the price if that’s your fancy. 

It's a simple wall clock that is powered by 4-AA batteries. I am not sure how long these battery will last. Hopefully it will last more than one year. The wall clock connects to Alexa via Bluetooth. When you asked Alexa to set a timer for 10 minutes, the minute notches of the Wall Clock will light up for 10 minutes. These are LED lights and should be using very little power. 

Setting a second timer (or a third one) will light up another notch in the watch face. As illustrated below, the second timer was set at15 minutes.
First timer set at 10 minutes

Second timer set at 15 minutes

This is really useful when you are in the kitchen and have multiple timers going on and have no way to know until the timer is up and Alexa starts to chime. With the Wall Clock, you can see your timer visually counting down, every minute that passed will reduce the LED light by one notch. It’s a frivolous thing, sure, but it is very nice to have a clock in the kitchen and it’s a huge bonus if it’s also Alexa enabled. 

My only complaint is that the Wall Clock has no clear plastic covering it meaning if you accidentally touch and move the hand, you will screw up the whole clock. It's easy to spoil this clock!

Even the packaging will warn you not to touch the face. I am not sure why Amazon didn't put the plastic cover. Perhaps it will reduce legibility, I don’t know. The Citizen branded clock at double the price do have a clear glass/plastic protecting it. I would have paid the premium except that the Citizen clock is powered by 4 type C battery. I’ve heard of AA or AAA but have not heard of C battery and I believe it will be expensive in Malaysia. 
I also bought the Echo Flex, a simple Echo device that is plugged to the wall plug

Warning not to touch the clock face (need a face-palm)


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