I reversed and knocked into a reversing Mercedes

And I was saved by my tire! It was my front tire which hit his rear left bumper, thus stopping the car from banging into my front door. There’s no way to explain this except protection from shoten zhenjin!

Saturday morning, I took the girls for breakfast in our usual joint around Aman Suria. You know how at times things just don’t go your way - and in these moments, you are careless and reckless.

Early this week, after piano lesson on Tuesday evening, I turned out of CentrePoint and was very close to getting my front left bumper to scratch the sharp corner. My front sensor was in red and the alarm was blaring very loudly. I told myself I have to be careful. And the following morning while parking near Taman SEA, I got too close to the curb. It’s like this is a bad week for driving as I was not careful and was always gambling.

And it’s almost the same this morning. I was driving along the Pet shop and Restoran 747. I passed by an empty parking slot on my left. Then I stopped and decided to take that parking slot but I was almost 100m ahead of it. That means I have to reverse. No big deal. Saturday morning and it’s usually pretty quiet. My daughter was humming a song and I shift the gear to reverse, looking at the screen which shows what the rear camera capture. The reverse sensor is not giving out any alarm. The overhead rear view mirror is not showing anything.

And then a jerk to the car and a noise. I have hit something. Shit I said. And when I looked to my right, an old Mercedes reverses right into me! Omg! How did I not see him? My new CRV!!

I can’t get out as his boot is almost at my front door. I lowered the window and looked out. The man got out of his car and asked me how can I reverse here.

We looked at the damage but fortunately, no damage as my front right tire which jutted out because I was turning caught his rear left bumper. So, the rubber hit his bumper and stopped our car (see illustration)

It could have gone worse. My front door would have dented or worse. I didn’t see him. And yet, I was saved by the tire. I can only attribute this to protection from shoten zhenjin, protection from chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! There’s no other explanation.

I’m thankful and this lesson taught me to be really aware of my surrounding and go super slow when reversing. Or better, go around the shop houses and return to the parking slot again instead of reversing. I’m super thankful coz of an accident happen, I will not be able to sleep!

I don’t think it was a hard bang and I’m hoping there is no internal damage to the drive shaft or the absorber that’s behind the tire.

Here's hoping that is the case.


  1. Jia Yu ! hey , admit it - we are aging , reflex dah slower .... i pun macam u juga , I reversed and hit things d ( which tak happen bila young eh - aii )


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