I have always wanted a native iOS Blogger app, so that I can blog on the go. Ideally, it should come with a Mac companion app. I found one a couple of years ago called Blogo, but the app was now dead and was not supported, as far as I know. 

Today, in Daringfireball podcast, I heard that @Gruber is actually using a native Mac app called MarsEdit. I downloaded the trial and is using it now. Not sure what I think of it but I don’t see why I needed a native Mac app when I could very well type these words through a browser. And saved $50! 

There must be something good about it. I will report back!

Update: so I cannot drag and drop photo from the Mac into MarsEdit and the reason was that Google shutdown Picasa API, which allows 3rd party app to upload photos. Hmm.. looks like MarsEdit is not for Blogger.. bummer!



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