System Shock Remake

I started gaming back in Form 3, at the age of 16, when I joined the school computer club and have access to Apple // for the first time in my life. Back then many people who came to the club played games like Rescue Raiders, Digger, Karateka but my favorite genre has always been role playing game (RPG). I was hooked to games like Might & Magic 1 and 2, Ultima IV, V VI. When I bought my very first PC, the first game I bought in original boxed copy is Ultima Underworld. Underworld was made by this company called Looking Glass Technologies and they are a company that was visionary, talented and ahead of its time. The games they churned out redefine the genre. They impact they made to gaming is out of this world. Games made by them are innovative, technologically advance, replayable and does not conform to the norm.

One such game was System Shock. At a time when people were playing using floppy disks, they came out with a fully audio gaming experience on a CD! Instead of reading journals left by the citizens of Citadel Stations, we get to listen to their audio logs in full speech. That was the power of the CD but at that time, not many people have CD-ROM and as such, not many games are released on a CD. System Shock was one of the first. Also, 3D first person shooter was just being introduced but System Shock has full 3D including looking up and down (instead of just a lateral left-right view) and that was a first of its kind too.

The game was so good that when System Shock 2 was released a few years later, the Usenet (back then, this was the equivalent of a world-wide internet forum) exploded with so many discussions about the game. You knew, then, that this is the game everyone in the world was playing and talking about.

22 years later, one company, Nightdive Studios, managed to secure the IP rights to the System Shock brand and now they have started a Kickstarter to remake the first System Shock using current technology! This is like the gamers' wet dream come true!

Check this Kickstarter video out (I admit, it is a bit cheesy):


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