iPhone 6 Plus

w00t! I received my iPhone 6+ last Friday, by chance. The iPhone 6+ is very much in demand and both the 64GB and 128GB model is out of stock. It was by pure luck that I was able to get the 64GB Space Grey - both the memory and colour are my target, so I didn't even have to compromise at all. Pretty excited about this.

What I want to cover today and which caused me to post in this blog is a underrated feature of the iPhone 6 which is called Display Zoom.

The main reason I am buying iPhone 6, and many of my friends/colleagues are hunting for one, is because of the screen size. And the reason we love big size is because we are all of middle age and our eye sight are not as good as before. So, we think that the iPhone 6 size will help us see better; bigger fonts, bigger interfaces, etc.

So I was really surprise when setting up the iPhone, and the setup wizard actually asked me if I wanted to set it up with Standard View or Zoom View. I went with Standard and after the setup was completed, I was surprised to see that the iPhone 6+ did not give me a bigger size view. The font is equally small like in 5S. I see more content, yes, but the font size is the same. Facebook, Twitter, Mails, etc are all the same - more content but I needed to squint my eyes to read or pinch to see better.

Then I remember Display Zoom and I read it up a bit:

John Gruber:
In zoomed mode, the 6 Plus acts like a virtual iPhone 6 (non-Plus) display, albeit running at @3x instead of @2x retina resolution: 2001 × 1125 (virtual) pixels. Divide by 3 (because it’s running at @3x), and you get: 667 × 375 points.

In zoomed mode, the regular iPhone 6 acts like a virtual iPhone 5(S) display: 1136 × 640 pixels, 568 × 320 points.
and this

In short, zoomed mode makes each iPhone show the same UI as the standard mode of the next smaller iPhone, scaled up to fill its bigger display. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants a bigger iPhone to show larger content instead of more content. On the iPhone 6, zoomed mode looks a little fuzzy to my eyes. Not bad at all, just a little fuzzy. It should be unnoticeable to anyone whose vision is such that they’d want to use this feature. On the iPhone 6 Plus, it looks nearly perfect. I’m not sure I detect any fuzziness at all. Using the downsampling technique that allows the 1920 × 1080 display to masquerade as a 2208 × 1242 display in standard mode, in zoomed mode, the 401 PPI density and @3x retina graphics allow it to just work, and look nearly perfect, masquerading as a 2001 × 1125 display.

THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR, without any compromise. The iPhone 6 Plus but displaying just like iPhone 6!

And the experience was just a total wow for me!!! Display Zoom is so different from Standard View and is much more pleasing to the eyes. Sure, there are some content sacrifice, but for someone coming from a 5S, getting big font and iPhone 6 content is a huge improvement. I'd imagine if you are using a iPhone 6 and getting a zoomed 5S content, it may not be a big deal to you, because that would be like using a zoomed 5S but for a 6 Plus user, I get best of both worlds - a lot more content compare to 5S and yet bigger font!

And in case you are wondering, Display Zoom is not found under Accessibility - the settings is in Display & Brightness - so it looks Apple is not positioning it as a accessibility but main feature of the phone.



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