CNY is round the corner. But the mood is not as bright and happy as befit a New Year. What to do, this year of 2014 is a year where we will see price hike in many things. Life is going to be hard. Business is slow. The feeling is worse than 17 years ago when we had a recession in '97. 17 years ago .. that means instead of progressing towards a developed country of 2020, we are regressing. We are going back to Ice Age. Our neighbours (apart from Thailand, who is now kinda sick due to their state of emergency) are progressing well: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

Many more people are contemplating migration.

Even more brain drain.

The sentiment in the office is not that good either. With so many expense cut worthy of Edward Scissorhand, this company I am with has devolved into something worse than a Chinaman company.

All in all, a gloomy year.


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