Haze! Again!

Have not been active in posting, I know! But can't resist posting about the haze this year! I remember in my older post, I used to bitch about the haze. Check back some of the ones in 2005 and I recalled that being the worst haze ever. But this year, this year is bad. This year was the year SG was hit hard.. 400+ in pollutant index and the Indonesia government calling SG government for behaving like a child. That was last week. This week, the wind blew North and KL is hit. Visibility is so bad, 100m, like in 2005. I can't believe why the wind didn't blow south and let Jakarta has a taste of their own medicine!

Seriously, haze is a phenomenon in the past 15 years. I didn't grow up expecting haze every year. My children are. WTF!


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