Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert

Where was I?

Was I hiding under a coconut shell?

I didn't know that in 2010, there was a 25th Anniversary Les Mis concert in The O2 Stadium, London. And what's more, they worked together with Universal Pictures to broadcast it Live in Cinemas in 42 countries!


I looked at the videos in YouTube and want to kick myself. How could I miss this historic event of one of my favourites MUSICAL of all TIME!!!

KIASU-CHING, my friend, you failed me!!!

The trailer

The Prologue

On My Own

Lea Salonga performing "I Dreamed A Dream"

One Day More!

More in YouTube!!


  1. Jangan risau dan jadi miserables. I got a copy! DVD which I bought from Sydney early last year. Nanti I pinjam to you! Exactly the same version on the trailer above.


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