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I'm looking at my Blogger Stats on which of my post are the most popular among my readers:
I'm not surprise that the refurbished iPhone post has the highest page view. Many people are worried that their iPhone from maxis would be a refurb one, even though it is true.

But I am surprise that the maid post is the second highest. What's happening. Are there many maid issues among Malaysians?

Love Diamond is not bad. Are they still around?

I'm hoping the MBA will slowly climb up the reader count. However, MBA is a premium product and therefore market share is low. Naturally reader count is low too.

Out of all my top 5 posts, they are all product related. How commoditize and materialistic our world has become!


  1. Love Diamond, the couple owner had marriage issue. divorced and split the businesses. my sis said the lady owner open one store and continue , i forgot the name and location la... but love diamond that u bought - is antique now, no more in the market la...


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