Cheap Labour

I feel bad. I went to the bank to have the maid's passbook updated as I just deposited her monthly salary into the account. Her total showed RM3,500. This is her take home pay after working 12 months with us! The reason is because she didn't get paid in the first 7 months - I did fork out the money but it went to the agent to process her travel, agency fee and what not. She only get paid on the 8th month.

In fact, despite the rules, we still pay her RM100/month for the first 7 months. I feel that she should get some remuneration for the work she has done. Even then, the total still comes to a measly RM3,500.

Seriously, something is wrong with the system!


  1. Welcome to the world of 21st century, where I need to rip you off for my happiness. Watch your back and I will strike again. Have a nice undisturbed sleep whenever you can, else I can recommend many other things to you that come with a small cost. Want it?


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