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I have used iTunes since it was first introduced to Windows. Back then, it was iTunes 3 or 4, I think. I have stuck to iTunes and seen its growth, from just a simple media library to now a single powerful force in the industry.

Since then, my library has grown from 200 songs to about 3700 songs. I spent almost a month just ripping my own CDs and getting all the cover album. Lots of efforts. It's no wonder I continue to stick to iTunes.

Searching for songs is a breeze in iTunes and yet one of the reasons I love iTunes is the Smart Playlist capabilities. With Smart Playlist, you can generate a folder with dynamic songs - the playlist is populated based on conditions you set.

My most used playlist is called "Old Favourites". This Smart Playlist has two conditions. It will choose songs that have 4 stars and above AND the songs have not been played for the past 3 months. That means whenever I clicked on this play list, I get to listen and discover music I have not heard for some time. It's almost like listening to a radio that plays only your 5 star songs. Isn't this smart?

The other playlist I have is "Recent Favourites" which are songs that are 4 stars and above AND have just been recently played - like the week before. This is the playlist I goto for songs that I played just a day before and need to listen to it again.

In addition, Apple has released a free Apple Remote app for iPhone (see photo). With this app, I could control iTunes wireless from my couch, as though having a remote control. How cool is that?

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