Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pa paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Yesterday marked another great milestone to me as a parent. Little sen has always been pretty shy and soft when she called her father. It's always a soft 'pa pa', as though she wasn't sure of her words followed by a slight blush. But yesterday, was her first time at calling 'pa paaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' at the top of her lungs. She did it a few times and is now always yelling for attention. Ha! I am not sure if this is good or not.. but at the moment, it feels pretty sweet - as her intonation has that adorable and heart tugging sound. It just melts the heart. I hope that intonation stays and not becoming a demanding one :)

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  1. At her age now, she will experiment things. She may try to reach out for something. When she could not do it, she may cries with annoyance. This is the time, parents teach the kid and assist the kid when she needs help. However, if what she wants is dangerous, like opening a moving car door. You need to communicate the danger to her. Kids which has been ignored during this period may resulted in easily annoyed kids which leads to impatience. However, don't do it without explaining to the children. Communication and social skills must be established now between the kids and parents.