Little sen 1.2 - frozen

Last weekend was one of a tramatic one for us. Little sen came down with a throat infection and had fever. We took her to a doctor in the morning who gave us antibiotic and fever medicine. No problem - we were vigilant in measuring her temp every 30-60 minutes - and bathing her to help cool her temp.

At about 7pm, Mrs World put her to bed. I went downstairs and was about to go out to buy dinner. I decided to check my mail and then I heard this blood chilling scream from Mrs World - "dear, sen is in a fit!!!!"

I read a lot of novels. I read many description of fear such as blood chilling scream, hair standing at the neck, etc but when you read a book, it's just a description and you imagine what it must be like. At that moment, on that evening, I experienced such fright that I am sure Mrs World's words will forever etched into my brain.

She came rushing down, with little sen very limp and Mrs World's finger inside her mouth. Little sen was expressionless. She was not focusing on anything. I quickly grab my keys and we rushed to the hospital.

In the car, Mrs World shouted "we will fight this.. we will win over it" and she started chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" over and over.. after about 5 minutes, little sen just snapped out of it and begin to focus back on her mother but she was still limp and weak.

We reached the hospital at about 20 min (damn traffic jam - note to self.. plot your trip to hospital in advance), the doc took one look at sen and asked us to put her on the bed. Little sen was grabbing her mother in terror but after we told her that she must listen to the doctor and be brave, she nodded her head and stayed calm. The moment the nurse started sponging her with cold water, she started screaming on top of her lungs. Poor baby. Her temp at that time was 39C and they put the stuff up her anus.

The doc said that it is not a fit as fits equal uncontrollable knee-jerk arm-jerk reaction with the pupil going up into the eyes. However, that temporary "hang" (like how our PC hang) is due to overheating and he said it's pretty common.

Still it was a fright to both of us.

Now little sen is ok. She's her usual self. That stuff up her anus immediately brought the temp down and she was alright the whole night.

Honestly, it's not easy being a parent!


  1. phew..take care there...

  2. Poor little sen , however on the positive side each fight she overcome, her immune system will become stronger. I will suggest train her to do take up sports later when she is ready.

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